Steel Building Recycling Shelter

Recycling Steel Building

Fitting a steel building in all weathers is not always an appealing prospect but earlier this summer our team of installers were able to take advantage of the bright and warm sunny days while working on a project with a difference in Leeds. We were approached by a well-known recycling firm at the beginning of the calendar year with a view to design and fit a shelter for the storage of bales of recyclable plastics.  These bales can sometimes leach unpleasant by-products into the ground when it rains, or break apart in the wind while waiting to be transported for READ MORE

Service Building With Roof Lights

Industrial Building with Roof Lights

The most common type of industrial steel building provided by Castle Steel Buildings is vehicle or plant housing, whether it be a simple, single, domestic garage or a service building with roof lights on an industrial estate. We often receive a range of requests for these types of building and there is no single standard or one-size-fits-all. Each and every client has their own specific needs and so each and every building receives individual attention and it’s own specific design. We provided a steel building to a local quarry that was no exception to this. The company wanted a straight READ MORE