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Recycling Steel Building

Fitting a steel building in all weathers is not always an appealing prospect but earlier this summer our team of installers were able to take advantage of the bright and warm sunny days while working on a project with a difference in Leeds.

We were approached by a well-known recycling firm at the beginning of the calendar year with a view to design and fit a shelter for the storage of bales of recyclable plastics.  These bales can sometimes leach unpleasant by-products into the ground when it rains, or break apart in the wind while waiting to be transported for recycling, so a cover was an environmental essential

The solution seemed easy – a monopitch, or pent, steel building that was 12m wide by 5m deep, with a front eaves height of 4.4m that would cover the bales. The building would be clad with single skin steel on three sides but it would need to be open along the front elevation to allow plant operatives to insert and remove plastic bales with ease.

This kind of steel building would normally have a single support column midway along the 12m width and splitting that side into two bays of 6m, the widest possible bay size along the width in our system.

The front needed to be entirely open for our customer. He couldn’t risk one of the plant operatives hitting the column and damaging the steel building.

The solution here was to combine our cold rolled system with a hot rolled element, one stronger and sturdier and capable of supporting the entire 12m width in a single span. Our engineers designed new brackets and a truly mammoth front goal-post frame to create the opening. We out-sourced the construction of the frame to a local hot rolled fabrication company, while we provided the rest of the steel building with our cold rolled system.

The finished steel building was completed in about two weeks and was pressed into service almost immediately. With it’s wide open front, it allows plant operatives on fork lift trucks to move easily in and about the shelter without damaging any part of it.

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