SINGLE GARAGE – 3.5m x 6m x 2.4m to eaves

£4,420.00 excl VAT

Single Garage 3.5m x 6m x 2.4m to eaves in single skin steel with roller shutter and personnel access door. Variety of colours and options available.

Prices updated April 2021.


Building Description:

Single Garage, Single Skin Steel Building with 1x Roller Door & 1x Personnel Access Door. Ideal as a single garage or for storage in any setting. A variety of different colours and options are available. Colour shown in VanDyke Brown.


3.5m x 6m x 2.4m to eaves with a 15 degrees pitch roof


1x 2385mm x 2134mm Chain Operated Roller Doors

1x 12 Point Locking Secure Personnel Access Door

Wall Cladding:

24mm Box Profile Wall Cladding, Single Skin. Plastisol coated steel sheeting. Supplied by Steadmans.

Roof Detail:

30mm Box Profile Roof Cladding, Single Skin. Plastisol coated steel sheeting. 15 degrees pitch with anti-condensation barrier. Skylights optional. Supplied by Steadmans.

Rain Water:

Guttering & Downpipes – Galvanised Steel hot dipped in Plastisol coating.

All Base, Eaves & Ridge Fillers Included.


All necessary screws (coloured cap-less finishing screws), bolt sets, masonry anchors, screw caps, brackets required to erect this building are supplied.


Made from cold rolled Cee-section columns and rafters. All Purlins used are Top-hat sections.

All framework is hot dipped galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 Fe E390G-Z275.

The sections are designed to BS EN 1993-1-3:2006 using a combination of rational analysis and component testing.

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