Cold rolled steel vs. hot rolled – what’s the difference?

There are many types of steel out there on the market but the key types used in steel buildings are hot rolled and cold rolled steel. Both types of steel are ideally suited to different purposes to understand why we need to consider the differences between the two. Creating the hot rolled steel for construction involves roll-pressing it at extremely high temperatures, making the steel easier to manipulate and work with. Why hot rolled steel? Hot rolled steel benefits from the following: A scaled surface caused by the cooling process after extreme heating; Minor distortions during cooling, leaving the surface READ MORE

Steel Price Updates and Lead Times

As most people are aware, global commodity prices have been on the increase over the last year. This has been mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen steel mills across the world shut down production. While some steel suppliers have continued to fulfill orders by de-stocking, those stocks are now running dry and further steel price rises and delays to orders are inevitable. (Source: At Castle Steel Buildings we will do everything we can to keep our customers and our potential customers up to date with changes in the cost of our steel buildings. Accordingly, we’re expecting READ MORE

A Greener Option – Refurbishing with Insulated Cladding

Insulated cladding

As a supplier of insulated cladding made by a member of EPIC (Engineered Panels in Construction) we were very interested to read their post addressing why refurbishing buildings is key to addressing the climate crisis.  Research done by Low Carbon Innovation Coordination Group (LCICG), including the Carbon Trust in 2013, showed that upgrading non-domestic buildings so that they are energy efficient, and/or making use of low carbon technologies, could help the UK achieve some key target in it’s global and national obligations by 2050. Amongst these are: Carbon emissions savings of 86MtCO2 Potential energy cost savings worth £13 billion Export opportunities worth £1.7 billion READ MORE

Metal Garages – Why they may be a better option

Metal Garage

Metal Garages – Why they are better, a guide to he help you decide.   British weather can be unpredictable so taking the necessary precautions to protect your vehicle against the elements is essential. Hail damage to a car does not look good. The worst part is how preventable it is. Instead of watching helplessly on from your window as your vehicle gets pelted by the elements, Take steps to ensure this never happens to you. A garage is a big commitment. Construction, maintenance, decay. Why would you want any of that? With a traditional wooden garage that might be READ MORE

Steel Building Recycling Shelter

Recycling Steel Building

Fitting a steel building in all weathers is not always an appealing prospect but earlier this summer our team of installers were able to take advantage of the bright and warm sunny days while working on a project with a difference in Leeds. We were approached by a well-known recycling firm at the beginning of the calendar year with a view to design and fit a shelter for the storage of bales of recyclable plastics.  These bales can sometimes leach unpleasant by-products into the ground when it rains, or break apart in the wind while waiting to be transported for READ MORE

Double Garage Steel Building

Double Garage Steel Building

Steel building design has come a long way over the last few years and Castle Steel Building’s unique system allows us to supply structures for a variety of uses, from domestic storage through to large warehouses and even agricultural buildings. A great example of how our system can be utilised by every day homeowners is this double garage we completed for a new home owner in Lincolnshire over the summer. Our customer was looking for a storage space that was both aesthetically pleasing and economic while affording the kind of protection from the elements that only a steel building could READ MORE

Service Building With Roof Lights

Industrial Building with Roof Lights

The most common type of industrial steel building provided by Castle Steel Buildings is vehicle or plant housing, whether it be a simple, single, domestic garage or a service building with roof lights on an industrial estate. We often receive a range of requests for these types of building and there is no single standard or one-size-fits-all. Each and every client has their own specific needs and so each and every building receives individual attention and it’s own specific design. We provided a steel building to a local quarry that was no exception to this. The company wanted a straight READ MORE